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The Digitally Divided Self

There’s an unusual but apparent alliance between two philosophies which are barely aware of and rarely come into contact each other, which conjure against the physical reality and the body. The first “philosophy” is represented by what have variously been called Cyberspace, Technopoly, Cyburbia and other names.

I prefer to define it as “The Digitalization of Reality,” wherein more and more human activities are being translated into bytes. Work, communication, media, entertainment, friends, dating, sexuality, culture, shopping, politics and causes are among the growing number of human needs that have gone digital.

While the Internet was something which earlier we mostly visited, now we are inhabiting the virtual worlds full-time and engineer them according to our mental projections. The Cartesian dream of a mind without a body has almost been fulfilled (even though in his old age Descartes, in Passions of the Soul, affirmed that “the soul is jointly united to all the parts of the body”).

This separation has a long history of Western thought starting from the Judeo-Christian separation between body and soul up to people like the transhumanist Hans Moravec, the artificial intelligence researcher Marvin Minsky, or the singularity guru Raymond Kurzweil who want to download the biological human mind to a safer mechanical medium in order to achieve nothing less than immortality.


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Virtual worlds and Maya 2.0

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The creation of virtual worlds has an immediate fascination over human beings. Second Life. World of Warcraft and other environments are amongst Internet developing tendencies.

The great appeal of these worlds is augmented by the fact that the mind itself is a powerful creator of artificial worlds and it complies with an intrinsic need within the mind.


La creazione di mondi virtuali ha un fascino immediato sugli esseri umani. Second Life, World of Warcraft e altri ambienti sono tra le tendenze in sviluppo di Internet.

Il grande fascino di questi ambienti è aiutato dal fatto che la mente stessa è una creatrice di mondi artificiali, quindi non fa che assecondare un bisogno instrinseco nella mente.

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