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Superego orgasm 2.0

<h1><a xhref="http://www.indranet.org/?attachment_id=56">Orgasm</a></h1>There are many good reasons for saying that orgasms are good. They feel good. When a person has an orgasm with a partner, they trust the partner enough to release their control for a while and be taken over by an overwhelming energy.

Orgasms make us vulnerable; they show our intensity and we can let the other hear our deepest screams of pleasure. As a man, it’s beautiful to see and feel the shakti energy of a woman as she has an orgasm. Orgasms trigger the release of many hormones, among them oxytocin that induces feelings of love and bonding. They are good for health and circulation; they can start in the body but expands to the soul, or vice versa, representing a holistic experience for the person. Everybody could list more benefits for themselves.

But… Having “ordinary” orgasms seems not to be enough anymore. Clitoral orgasm is just for beginners. G-spot orgasm, trigasm, multiple orgasms and squirting are all musts now for a woman. Men usually don’t have any problem reaching an orgasm so the frontier for them is to become multi-orgasmic; having a 30-minute orgasm or reaching a prostate orgasm. Oh yes and than orgasms should of course be simultaneous.

I have always loved to experiment and to share intimately and deeply with a partner. However, up until a few years ago, when there wasn’t yet any definition of those different kinds of orgasms, we just felt free to experiment with our bodies and sensations in a playful and passionate way. We were moving from one position to another and from one sensation to another, guided by the gods Eros and Aphrodite.

Now we are required to look for those kinds of orgasms, define and maybe even count them. “Honey did you get that g-spot squirt or was the air-conditioner spilling water”? Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health and other magazines are efficient in telling readers the hot sex trends and the tips that can transform everybody into Gods and Goddesses in the bedroom. That sells!

Nevertheless, if we don’t let our controlling mind relax and if we don’t surrender every goal while having sex, we can’t reach deeper states. There are experiences in life for example: meditation, falling asleep, even defecating or becoming spiritually enlightened, that happen more easily when we are not overly interfering as personalities with goals, when we just let ourselves go. Every woman knows that the harder she tries to have an orgasm more difficult it becomes.

Of course, orgasms can be sparked mechanically as well in many ways. Sex toys are there for that. Nothing wrong with a couple “work-out” orgasm or with sex toys, they can be lot of fun and a great way to get to know our bodies. However, the bliss of being open to Eros is mostly a receptive experience that is being transformed in our culture into a goal-oriented “have to”. Eros can’t guide and transport us anymore, we want to be guided by the how-to’s, as if sex was a technical manual.

Orgasms haven’t moved much from the space they always had in our psyche. In the past (and in part nowadays too) they were confined to the controlling superego in the forms of prohibitions, inhibitions and judgments; now they are still in the judging superego, they just disguised themselves as “have-to”, “the right kind”, “how many”.
I can predict that more new orgasms will be “discovered”: the mind orgasm (then the various brain areas will be more precisely distinguished from each other), the emotional orgasm, the chakra orgasm, probably somebody will write books about it all and will organize workshops. What about “discovering” a DNA orgasm?

In my experience, I can recall that among the best sexual experiences that I had, the presence of having an orgasm wasn’t the main ingredient. I remember a lover that had multiple orgasms while we had sex. So I was puzzled at the beginning when she told me that the best sex she ever had in her life was when we explored our sensuality in a way that didn’t bring her any big O, and not even penetration. I realized then how much emphasis we misguidedly give to orgasm.

Why do we give such importance to climax? One obvious reason is that it feels good but I think there are two main ingredients in how the collective mind works: one is the obsession to finish, to complete, to have a goal. This is a hard obsession that has its roots much deeper than the inception of the industrial age and that will be the subject of a future, longer article.

The second ingredient is, paradoxically, religious. For the Christians, sex is for reproduction, and for this to happen, at least the man needs to climax. Women’s orgasms have been ignored for long time and it is good that female orgams have come out of the closet. However, the masculine need to reach an orgasm and to have a goal have been exported to the other gender without being integrated with other dimensions. Even though most people nowadays consider sex as something that is more an emotional and pleasure-oriented connection than about having babies, the importance of the orgasm tells us that the unconscious association between sex and reproduction is still influencing our approach to sex.

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