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Facebook Logout: Experiences and Reasons to Leave it

Ivo Quartiroli - facebook logoutFacebook Logout: Experiences and Reasons to Leave it è disponibile in Inglese per il download gratuito in diversi formati a Smashwords. E’ anche disponibile in diversi negozi online quali Barnes & Noble e Kobo.

Un grazie speciale a tutti coloro che hanno contribuito.


Chapter 1: Musings about Facebook
The Quality of Relationships
Privacy Issues
Facebook Changes the Concept of Friendship
The Inner Reasons to Leave
The Logout Process
Chapter 2: Logout Experiences
All Your Time or Nothing
This Time I Really Want to Leave it for Good
Bad Energy
Amplifier of an Inner Discomfort
Looking Through the Keyhole
An Affection-Compensating Tool
Boring to Death
From Village to Global Village
Reliving my Earlier Nightmares
Political Control
Not a Broad Communication
You Always Have to Feed the Beast
A Narrowed Down Tunnel-Vision Style of Contact

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