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Indranet joins the July 14 initiative to defend the freedom of information

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I joined the July 14 initiative started, among others, by Alessandro Gilioli, Enzo di Frenna and Guido Scorza against Alfano’s proposed law which would strongly limit the freedom of the press and the Net. Blogs which join will show only the protest’s logo on their home pages on July 14.

Even though I was enthusiastic about the Net having contributed by publishing the first books on the Internet in Italy, I think the network is no longer an instrument of social and consciousness transformation as much as could have been envisaged around 10 years ago, for many reasons, among them the infinite distractions and the race toward novelties.

Also, I do not believe that freedom is in prevalence in the freedom of words. The silence of the mind goes more in depth and creates a wider freedom. But, as Almaas writes: “There is nothing you can ultimately say, but you have to exhaust all the words.”

Perhaps the secret goal of the Net is to let words rotate as fast as to create – like a windmill – white color as the sum of every color. Words can exhaust themselves only after being expressed in full totality and freedom, not due to a law which would limit their scope and which would bring us not beyond words, but at a previous level.

I wish as well, that more days of silence will be realized, even without the opportunity of a righteous protest.

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